Pro Re Nata Brewpub & Music Hall 6135 Rockfish Gap Tpke, Crozet, VA, United States Join us for a night of LIVE music from New Potato Caboose on the Main Stage @ Pro Re Nata! It all started in 1983 at Catholic University in Washington, DC when Doug Pritchett, Don Laux, and John 'Red' Redling noticed each other walking around campus with guitar cases and long hair, and decided to hang out and maybe try a few songs together. Doug, Don and Red made an instant connection with each other and were blown away at how easily their voices blended together and how good the music sounded. So, in the dorm rooms and stairwells of Catholic U, these three started jamming and singing for their friends, who encouraged them to get a gig at the university pub. From those early gigs, Wood 'n' Steel was born, an acoustic trio with three part harmonies playing everything from CSNY, to the Beatles, Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, John Prine, America--each player brought his background and influences to the group. Parties around campus turned into gigs at the local Kerry to Derry pub, where everyone in the room would end up shaking what they got. Over the course of 1985-1986, other classmates broadened the sound. Drummer Chris Arminio, guitarist Rich Della Fera, and bassist Dana Smith electrified the sound of the trio, and as Red switched to keyboards and Don to electric guitar, the New Potato Caboose was born... Today, these jam band legends continue to serve up epic musical groovy goodness, featuring amazing harmonies, killer double drum grooves, and next level jams, delivering a mix of Caboose originals and signature covers. These friends and musicians are masters of improv, integrating the variety of styles and influences that are the ingredients for the band's sound New Potato Caboose still fills venues across the mid-Atlantic, and one live concert is all a music lover needs to know how truly good it feels to “Get Loose with the Caboose.”

DOORS 5:30 PM JOE LAWLOR w/ Kristen Rae Bowden 6:00 - 6:45 PM NEW POTATO CABOOSE 7:00 - 10:00 PM

Tickets: $15 – $85 General Admission: $15